Spanish is one of the most studied languages in the world. The language is taught in many middle and high schools since it is spoken in so many countries. Learning a new language is indeed difficult, especially if you are older than 10. But nevertheless, here are a few suggestions that help. 

Connecting it to your daily life: You should make it a habit to switch to Spanish whenever you wish to watch a movie or a YouTube video etc. A movie with Spanish subtiltes or a Spanish celeb gossip magazine or even watching a Spanish language TV show are good options. In other words, think of Spanish as a new way to experience your everyday life!

Getting connected to indigenous speakers: Getting in touch with people whose native language is Spanish is a good idea. You may join a club where you get to meet up a group of Spanish speaking people or even making friends with Spanish people is a great start up. Talking in Spanish helps you with learning it. When eating at a Mexican food joint, try to converse and place your order in Spanish.

Setting up a blog in spanish: I had many readers ask me about the steps in purchasing the domain and setting up my spanish blog that I decided to write a full length tutorial explaning the same. This turorial is for you, if you are struggling to buy the right domain for your website

Roads leading to Rome: Languages like French, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian are all evolved from Latin. They can be said to be interlinked to one another as they have similar syntax, grammar and vocabulary. Therefore learning any one of them ensures you learn the other three simultaneously.

Imitation: Try the imitation game, that is, imitating the Spanish accent that you get to hear in Spanish movies or native speakers. It might sound funny at first but it is a plus point. Once you get into that character you are good to go. This definitely helps a lot while you are trying to learn a language.

Daisy chain: Conversing in one language while trying to learn another is called the daisy chain. Suppose you are trying to learn Romanian while you are already finished with learning Spanish, try speaking and writing in Spanish. This provides you a kind of double training where you learn one language and at the same time get to practice another!

Here are a few websites to learn online Spanish:

Deals with Spanish grammer, verbs and vocabulary. It helps beginners to grasp the basics of the language.

The website is considered to be one among the best if you wish to learn Spanish online. It focuses on lessons that help you learn the language easily. Pronunciation, vowels etc. are all included in the site.

It contains 12,000 pages of Spanish resources that make you enjoy the language you wish to learn. To be more specific, the website throws light on the regional vocabulary and expressions along with the richness and diversity of Spanish cultures.

This website deals with interrogative adjectives, seguir and perfect infinitives. Click here: to get a self study checklist for learning Spanish.

Focuses on the ways to learn Spanish such as audio courses and CD-roms, mobile apps and library books etc. that aids you in learning the language.

It consists of a list of Spanish alphabet (alfabeto español) that helps not only in reading but also with writing the script. Spanish interpreters might find it useful.

Throws light on definitions used for a quick reference; nearly all the words can be translated in additional ways.

It deals with translating the major words required for learning the language.

It lays emphasis on both intermediate and advanced level courses for learning the language.

History of the Spanish language and its use has been discussed broadly under this section.

It consists of a list of Spanish learning schools. According to the above website, the most effective way of learning Spanish is living with a local host family that puts you in a unique position to practice Spanish 24/7.

The website provides a well-rounded approach to Spanish for those who have never studied it before or a good refresher for those who have. It offers a good introduction to the language.

It suggests a list of Spanish podcasts for learners. Many podcasts are available but it provides the important ones and keeps you out of confusion. They put the fun back into learning because you can listen to audio anywhere and everywhere.