I got a bunch of requests to write a detailed article on buying expired domains for native Spanish readers. I have therefore created a separate article for them called "Comprar dominios expirados"

I've had a bunch of readers ask me details on how to find a good domain for their personal or business website. It seems that procuring a domain is the step where most online entrepreneurs get stuck on.

Before I had created my first website (many years ago), I spent a few days at GoDaddy trying to purchase the perfect domain name. Unfortunately, every good name seemed to have been taken already. I could not believe my luck. 

I then googled around and found a few sites that would help you come up with smart domain names. They would take a seed word and attach adjectives or nouns to it to come up with a unique name.   I could not believe my eyes - all the good ones that these tools programatically created were also already taken!

In the years since then, I have come to accept defeat at purchasing new domains. My strategy now has been to find domains that have already been purchased by someone else, but are going to expire.  I now only register domains from DomCop, an expired domains list, which I then set up as a custom domain for wordpress.  Sometimes it costs a little bit more (for domain back orders), but it saves me hours and is completely worth it.

Think of buying  a good domain as a long term investment. Your domain is akin to the house that you live it. It's valuation will increase with time similar to how the price of real estate increases as more home buyers enter the market. If you live or want to target a specific spanish speaking country, you could also look at registering a domain with a local extension - for e.g. .es for spain, .mx for mexico. It's easier to find domain names in those extensions - but I prefer to always have the .com. There is no point building a business only on the .es and then having to sell an arm and a kidney just to buy the .com from the squatter.

In this short tutorial, I'll explain how I use DomCop to find all the domains for my online businesses.


DomCop has three plans - the Newbie plan, the Power plan and the Guru Plan. If you are only looking to buy a few domains like me, you don't need any of the costlier plans. The Newbie plan works perfectly well for me.

DomCop Plans

Once you've purchased the Newbie Plan, you simply go to the "Expiring section" and start your searches. Click on the "Simple" link at the top right. This will open up your search screen.  Set the minimum values for Domain Authority to 20 and the Trust Flow to 10. This basically ensures that any domains that are found have a decent backlink profile. We are not purchasing the domains for the back links, so we don't care much about these numbers as long as they are higher than these two numbers.

Next we enter our seed keywords in the search box. Here you can choose words that describe your business. If you are selling shoes online, you might enter different words that mean shoes. If you want to create a spanish language website (like yours truly) then you can enter words like "spanish" or "espanol". 

Search Settings

Click the Search button and DomCop will list down all the domains that match the settings we've chosen and have the keywords in the name. It also shows loads of different metrics to us like the age of the domain, what was the previous website on the domain, does the domain have a penalty, the quality of its back links. 

Clicking the domain name will take you to the website where you can purchase the domain from. There are two types of domains list at DomCop -

1) Pending Deletes - these are domains that are going to drop in 5 days or less. I generally place a backorder with NameJet or DropCatch to buy these domains. You could try manually catching them - but I would not advise you to do so.

2) Domain Auctions - these are domains that are in some auction. You can bid on these domains and if you are the highest bidder when the auction ends, you win the domain. I generally find auctions very stressful, so I stay away from it. But I do see loads of good domains list at auctions.

And that's it. Once you've purchased the domain, you simply set the DNS servers and install a wordpress website on it and you are good to go.

Hope this tutorial helps you guys find the right domain for your business!